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Our Services

upgrade real estate

Is your strategy buying and selling real estate? Acquire cheap accommodation and let us upgrade it in a short time. Sell without getting your hands dirty.


floor coverings

Whether parquet, PVC, carpet or laminate. My team and I take care of removing the old covering, preparing the subfloor and, of course, professionally laying the desired floor covering.

clearing and disposal

Was a tenant unable to pay and now the apartment has to be emptied? My team and I do the work for you while you can already look after a new tenant.


Complete makeover

Need a change of scenery? Have you bought an old property that now needs to be embellished? We would be happy to advise you from planning to implementation.


bathroom renovation

From the bathroom with the old yellow flower tiles, we conjure up a modern bathroom. Radiant, luxurious and more beautiful than you imagined.


Any project

  • advisory

  • planning

  • Cost estimate

  • execution

  • quality control

  • invoicing

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

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